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Meishi Smart Tags & Stands

Meishi, pronounced, may – shee. Tradition, Innovation, Disruption, Opportunity

Meishi is a progressive web app that you can run your whole business from. We provide a central point of communication where you can creatively share the most relevant information with your target audience at the push of a button. Our solution allows for seamless engagement with your audience and enables you to understand and analyse what people really want from you and your brand.


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 Your Meishi Portfolio is sharable on any Social Media and Messaging Platform. This alone increases your online presence significantly.


At Meishi we strive to make sharing your portfolio as easy and seamless as possible. With the addition of our new Smart Tags you can now share your Meishi Portfolio by simply holding your Smart phone up to another Smart phone and your Portfolio will transfer over to the other device.

With the application of this technology sharing your portfolio has never been easier, but it doesn’t stop at sharing your details… the variety of uses are endless from Smart Pet Tags to Product Promotions and Order Forms, the possibilities are endless to its creativity.


Your Smart tag can be placed on the back of your phone / device or wherever you prefer.

Hold your smart phone / device over another device and your Meishi Portfolio will transfer over to the other device.

The receiving phone / device does not need to have a smart tag.


Your Smart Stand can be placed on your desk, at reception area’s or till points.

Hold the device over the stand and your Meishi Portfolio wil transfer over to the phone.

The person receiving your Meishi Portfolio does not need to have a Smart tag to receive your Meishi Portfolio.

The Meishi Tap Technology comes in various designs and can also be custom branded with your logo.

The Meishi Smart Stands can also be branded and comes with a durable, clear Perspex stand than can be placed where needed.

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