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Meishi is a progressive web app that you can run your whole business from. We provide a central point of communication where you can creatively share the most relevant information with your target audience at the push of a button. Our solution allows for seamless engagement with your audience and enables you to understand and analyse what people really want from you and your brand.

名刺 - meishi

Business cards or Meishi are no small matter in Japan. They have their own culture and has special symbolic value. Some say that Meishi represents and embodies its owner.

Meishi portfolio apps

Why Digital

Digital cards are the future, nearly 77% of small and medium businesses in the US believe that a digital presence helps them in customer acquisition.


Meishi Portfolio Apps give your clients all the info they need to make contact with you in any manner they choose.


Showcase your business by guiding users to the key elements on your website.


Usage tracking provides insightful analytics to identify opportunities or weaknesses within your business model.


Clients can fill in forms directly through your meishi portfolio app.

Go Green.

Because we offer a 100% digital product, your business will greatly reduce it’s carbon footprint.


Your meishi portfolio app is shareable on any social media or messaging platform. This alone increases your online presence significantly.


Here are some of our clients.

Meishi Portfolio Apps are relevant in any industry, digital communication is essential to connect with customers of various demographics.

Bike Addict

Bike addict integrate AI chat Bot to improve customer responses, increase sales and increase brand exposure.

Bright Ford

Bright Ford Hermanus streamlines business processes by integrating finance applications directly from their business card to industries leading CRM system.

Engel & Völkers

Estate agents increase client contact, promote sharing, and reduce carbon footprint by implementing meishi portfolio apps and electronic forms.


What our clients have to say.

Caron Leslie

Remax property associates

“My meishi portfolio app looks professional, great service and backup. Quick turnaround. Green is the future. Reporting features are helpful.”

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